Day 1 of 30 Day Shred.

So, I have a love-hate relationship with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

I love the fact that I could lose fat. I hate the fact that for 20 minutes or so I feel like dying and just deciding to commit to being one of those women that have lard rubbed in to their folds for the arousal of tiny men. I just want to emerge as the butterfly that I am… Whilst eating ice-cream from the tub. Hashtag gains.

I digress.

So, day 1 (again). I’ve added pictures for accountability

Photo Aug 17, 5 20 23 PM

haha, imagine in 30 days, I come on like ”Look at the new me” ….and I look the same. Can we say mortification download… LOL.

I also feel it is quite random to start a new programme on a Wednesday. I have upgraded from the flex to the Charge HR today.. so far I’m like meh… My HR hasn’t been recorded on the dashboard so I have had to email the fitbit team. I’ve also only done 3,700 steps today.. it is 8pm. Yesterday I did like 25,000 steps, I think as soon as I realise I can’t find Pokemon near me – I’m just like… ‘HERE I AM NETFLIX!! HAVE MY SOUL!’


Photo Aug 17, 10 15 37 AM

The flex is to the left, I used to use it in the shower and go swimming with it but I wouldn’t pull off that shenaniganry with the Charge HR.

… I’ve completed my workout but I had to make amendments, my body was not having it! I think because of walking for so long yesterday my feet are still aching so squats were making me waddle like a chubby Aunt Gertrude.

I’ve also stayed on plan with SW. I will probably upload some of the food I’m eating tomorrow and a summary of France from last weekend because I am devastated I am back in my peasant lifestyle.

Night Hoes. xxxxx

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