First blog post: Press Start to Begin

As I sit here musing on the meanderings of life… HA! But not really. I genuinely needed to stop using multiple whatsapp group chats and drunken toilet meetings as my  outlet/diary so I have decided to fling all my musings, diet failures, new games, recipes, life troubles and hacks (don’t sit on public toilet seats) in one place. Those that will enjoy or sneer at it… do so with my pleasure!

Warning. I have no idea what I am doing, but that is fine, I realised most people don’t, we can be confused together… OR no-one will read this and I’ll be confused by myself? Rhetorical conversations.

I am well aware that whoever is reading this will notice that after I have started another 90 day exercise and diet plan, 8 days later I will pictures of me crap faced on someones lap eating chicken and waffles. It’s okay…it’s okay. As long as we accept our low expectations of me things will run smoothly. Saying that though, I am hoping this leads to some sort of abject accountability (context??)- I must stay on the path to abs, high booty and solid gams.

Current Situation: I have 32 days until I am on a plane to Bali. I have 32 days to lose 84 stone!!


(That literally took me 28 minutes to figure out to add a gif -Le Tragique)

Obviously, not 84 stone but I am going to try to stick to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for the full 30 days. I have not once got past day 9. I just sort of … die, or find Netflix and then forget about it until I have another holiday. But this time we shall do it!!! For the watch!! Lol. I dunno man.. We will see, I am going to try and keep a log of it and a log of my food as I am currently following Slimming World and we shall see if I am svelte.. (ha!).


More to come. Adios




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