Day 2 of 30 Day Shred

It’s funny how one thing that interrupts your plan could potentially throw you off course.


I planned to work from home and do my workout in my own time at lunch.. I could happily bum around in pyjamas making business calls but alas life happened, I had to go in to the office and get a puncture repaired.
Anyway, I managed to do day 2 after much procrastinating and delaying.. I’m concerned that I’m not motivated to do it already!! Why am I like this?! I genuinely feel that after I do a day I’m going to look in the mirror and be tiny.


So I’ve stayed on plan with food throughout the day but struggling with the water intake.

My go to snack whilst watching The Walking Dead is fruit and a 6 syn frozen curly wurly. When I’m watching I feel like I need to have things in my mouth (oi, oiii!) so it’s a better on plan snack to have when you fancy something sweet.

Photo Aug 17, 9 14 48 PM
I also earned my India badge on Fitbit ..Great but I would have preferred a ticket to India. 😭


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