Waiting To Exhale

TGIF and all that. 

I found a new outlet for anxiety and being overwhelmed by the noise of the world, I didn’t realise how cathertic it is to just write and just release.

I’ve been trying to find new ways to relax at home that doesn’t involve half a litre of red wine and a bag of m&m’s. 

I decided to indulge my whims and get an adult colouring book… There’s something so simple and charming about it.

I might use it as a passive aggressive weapon lol.. When the other half starts to piss me off, just pull out the book so he knows what he’s lead me to! 

In all seriousness I think it’s an excellent tool to de-stress. I usually have the out-of-hours emergency line constantly so even when I’m asleep I’m always half listening out for it so I get so jumpy and exhausted. 

We’ll see how it works over the next few day, hopefully it works to restoring some tranquility… Or not… I’m not artistic at all… I remember when I was in year 6 I spent ages drawing a tree and the teacher praised me on how excellent my dog looked!!Tragic.


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