Day 6 of 30 Day Shred

Please listen to my woes of how my body has failed me… Only half kidding.

Yes, I’m still on it. I had a hectic weekend but I managed to fit the workout, I was committed enough to workout tipsy on prosecco .. Yay me.


I went to the gym in the morning but I had a rest day of 30 Day Shred yesterday, I just felt exhausted and it was a fasted day for me, I usually try to have a fruity detox-y day on a Monday before weigh-in so I will try to eat less. I don’t know if that had an effect on my workout this morning as half-way through my jumping jacks aka Trying to not get hit in the face by flesh missiles I had shock abdominal pain, I just lay there moaning at the ceiling for 5 minutes and then it went away. I’ve either got a life threatening disease …or gas.

I am not feeling very positive this morning though, today is my SW weigh-in day and I’ve put on 0.5, which isn’t so bad by itself but it is just so frustrating sitting in a group with people dropping 5lbs off weekly and I’ve literally only dropped 5.5lbs over the space of 10 weeks, so about 0.5lbs a week. Not motivating at all.

I am feeling sorry for myself but I also like to have an action plan to draw a line under it and get on it. So I can reflect and think about what went wrong last week and what went right.

I also know that the number you see on the scale is not a true measure of whats going on with your booty so I’ll do my measurements tomorrow and check on them again by the end of the Shred

body shape1


Areas of Improvement

I had off plan meals, snacks and alcohol over the weekend.

I’m possibly going to start woman bleeding this week so maybe that is contributing to increase on the sad step.

Water Retention from change in exercise?

Maybe not enough water?


This week I decided to go back to the gym and do some cardio there, I noticed my heart rate went significantly higher when using the elliptical than when doing 30 day shred, so I think if I want more fat-burning results I will need to up my gym time. I also miss lifting heavier weights but as I said before I think I will go back to that when I am back from Bali.

I also need to add that my Charge HR may some kind of evil intelligence sent to destroy us. I went to the gym yesterday morning, checked in the afternoon, it had somehow managed to smart track my exercise and accurately guess that I was in the elliptical machine, I spent 20 minutes doing HIIT and I spent 5 minutes warming (read. searching for what show to watch on Netflix). It also says creepy things like ‘Hug me’. Horrifying.


I found ways to make my snacks feel more sinful. Fling ’em on a stick!

Photo Aug 23, 2 55 31 PM

Plus I can have as much chicken as I want so I should up the protein intake by having meat snacks on the ready. When people reach for crisps, I’ll just reach for a whole roast chicken. Simple. FMFL

Action Plan for The Week

No Days off Bro!! (Okay, maybe one..)

Drink 2L of water per day min.

Draw a line under disappointing results and get on it.

Write down what Syns I am having daily to make sure I am not going over.

Up protein intake

Meet my step goal every day.

Anyway, little drops of water make the mighty ocean as my mum says… She always says ‘Why are you always eating Cass?’ so maybe she’s not the best source of inspiration right now.



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