Day 7 of 30 Day Shred

So a shorter post tonight as I have a busy day tomorrow.

Really productive day with exercise today. I managed to get to the gym did a HIIT session followed by a legs weight session and another 15 mins of Cardio. I even went in to peak on my HR monitor.. I think that was it screaming to me… Girl that jiggle is turning to wiggle (I don’t know what that means).

I was going to go for a walk but it was 30 degrees outside. 30 DEGREES. Why is it necessary to be that hot on a work day? additionally, everything I own is black like my soul so I was just an angry ball of black absorbing the hell heat in to my body. I have no business being in fire air.. I also feel that my boobs do not have the emotional and physical capacity to handle heat. To summarise, I did not go for my afternoon walk this afternoon.

I did however manage to do 30 day shred tonight. I am so close to completing level 1 which I have never done before. I usually go off it right abouttttttt now.

Struggled to hit that 2 litres of water.

Hit my step goal today.

Stayed on plan.

3 hours under sleep goal according to fitbit

So can I feel any changes? Hmm… I’m still sweating loads but I can handle it a lot better than a week ago.

Ps. I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I think that made my HR go in to cardio mode… Win?

I leave you with current woman crush (as it’s Wednesday) Iskra Lawrence. Strong and Curvy


Night x


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