Day 9 of 30 Day Shred

Evening all!!

Almost at the end of level 1! I’m so happy about this as I just have always lost interest but I think having to post is making me accountable.

I’ve updated my measurements and took better pics of where my chubbylumpkins status is at the moment; I realised the previous ones wouldn’t be as effective. I also split my leggings trying to take back pics.

I took my measurements and my weight when I did my pictures and even though I felt I looked better the numbers don’t reflect that 😦

Woman ailments might have had an impact on that. I def won’t be 2-pac Cass for Bali mate! I’ll tell you that for free. Clearly need to book another holiday so I have a new goal.

I’ve stayed on my steps goal but to be honest even though my heartrate is nowhere as high as when I’m in the gym I’m STILL not able to get through without stopping a little bit.

Going to experiment with some slimming world recipes this weekend and hopefully post them. Xx

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