London and Mistakes.

Okay, so I’m cringing a little bit in my soul this evening so I have to share.

To motivate me with ensuring my posts don’t run off without some structure; I sometimes gain inspiration from daily prompts. Ironically, I’ve just realised this fits within the premise of the prompt word ‘mistake’ yesterday morning.

Anyway, I digress. So I started writing about mistakes, midway, I realised it was getting a bit deep and was an unnecessarily cathartic experience so I decided to keep writing I usually write to and for myself, little notes and reminders, sometimes hints of where I’d bury the bodies etc. NOT publishable things .. Be an emo… You know when you find a John Lewis that makes you cry; so then you look for more adverts that make you cry… Then you end up on like a video of a grandma dying alone and then you’ve escalated to the point you’re just doing it for indulgent reasons. I did the literary version of that. Deeply personal. I got bored with this halfway as I was about to have fun with my life and I shared it… I shared it everywhere. Not delete, not save, not draft. SHARED IT. I scrambled to delete it as soon as I shared it, lol that 1.5 minutes it was out in the world was like hot fire down my back lol. Nice catch! So anyway, 9 hours later I check FB and I forgot its shared to my page. FML. I’m literally moaning my embarrassment now… I feel like I tried to take a nude selfie and send it to my boyfriend but I instead sent it to the world and work. Bury me.

giphy (1)


ANYWAY! Moving on.
I spent the day with my sister-wives and my partner… Not literally but we’re borderline reliant on each other so we can go with sister-wives for now.

We went to see Suicide Squad for the 2nd time and I really wanted to see if it covered the perceived plot holes from the first time… unfortunately it didn’t.. I don’t want to put it in spoilers but it had very inconsistent character development that made the film feel rushed. It had so much potential though that I ordered the graphic novels to get a grip on the story that the film struggled to convey.

Either way, Westfield White City Vue is the way to do the cinema in style, pretty charming place for a cinema date. Reclining chairs, champagne, refillable drinks and popcorn!!

Went to Busaba to have some food, it was loosely on plan I guess.. How good does that duck look?

I’ve maintained all week that I can’t stand shopping and that I would be drinking coffee whilst they shopped; ended up trawling the shops for 5 hours!! Does my step goal count if it’s achieved by trying to search shops for skin shimmer?

It’s the bank holiday weekend and everyone is going to carnival this weekend. I am not a fan of carnival at all. I love the idea of the floats and steel pan etc. That’s the cultural bit that should be maintained. I however, don’t like people, plus 5’1.. The world is different down here.

The first time I went to carnival, I was there for about 8 minutes, ended up being on crutches for like 3 months.

The second time I went was actually more fun but all we did was walk, and walk.. And walk. Then it was finished. However, I still managed to steal a pic on someone’s bike so let’s put a throwback pic.

The third and last! As I was being lifted in to the air like a sacrificial lamb by an enthusiastic group of loose hipped teenagers with my friends behind me shouting “Don’t worry we’ll find you!!” in a panic. I was just lying back like… ‘I think I’m done with carnival’.

No more!

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