Day 11 of 30 Day Shred

Ha! So I should’ve known that level 2 was going to be a killer when one of the girls in the video ‘Natalie’ was struggling and trying not to get noticed!

Level 2 felt harder, but for some reason I like it better. There’s a lot of static movements, more challenging cardio like jumping your feet in and out whilst in a plank position. Honestly, this is not made for the larger breasted, I just kept feeling my boobs hitting my chin. 

I realised my core is a lot weaker than when I used to gym daily as holding the plank position left me feeling like I was giving birth… Probably not a good thing right?

I would say food was definitely not on plan this afternoon, I had a disappointing lunch out in Kingston and too much bread, I also forgot my Fitbit today which was v annoying. 

I have my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I hope it is a lot more positive than last week to reflect how committed I’ve been to my exercising and trying to stay on plan.

The main things that are meant to have the biggest impact on weight loss (apart from eating my thigh weight in pizza) are stress, water-intake and lack of sleep. I’ve really struggled with fixing this and I still haven’t got it quite right. The stress is the biggest thing, work stress, being able to switch off isn’t really an option as I always have to be available for my out of hours phone 24 hours a day. Tension in relationships. Not getting tasks complete. Then that leads to lack of sleep etc etc. I’ll reflect on this this week and try to think of an action plan tomorrow.


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