Day 12 of 30 Day Shred 

Weigh-in day today and I’ve lost 0.5lbs since last week. Not as great as I wanted but several positive things I’ll take from it, I didn’t fast the day before like I usually do, I’m on my ladies time and I’ve been active.I do feel frustrated as like I said previously my weight loss is significantly slower than other people’s. All self-inflicted because of crash-dieting etc. I reckon (BRO SCIENCE HOMIE!) A loss is a loss and the main thing is if you’re looking sideways at other peoples path you’ll end up stumbling and tripping. 

Today was another streaming struggling wet mess with 30 day shred… I’ve hadto amend   one of the workouts as my awkward feet won’t allow me to lunge in proper form, other than that my goal is to get through the whole workout without stopping. No gym today but tomorrow I’ll be embracing squat life !! Night loves X 

Ps. Let’s try and shrink my boobs

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