Day 16 of 30 Day Shred


That makes me LOL too much. We’re more than halfway there, I am so, so happy that I set up a blog where people can judge me in to making me workout! HA! This is the furthest that I’ve got in my 30 day shred plan and my burning glutes thank you kind sire.

I am super-excited today as well because it’s a Monday and that always feels like a fresh start, I also went to a new branch of my Gym group and it was amazing! There’s greenery and a little fountain on the drive up to it (I will take a picture next time) and it was massive inside with lots of cardio machine and a massive free weights area.

I think I’m even more excited because I was SO over the branch that I was going to. Soo… A few months ago I was in a spin class which was downstairs in a studio and I went upstairs to squat some weights and use the legpress.. Anyway, at some point I was feeling skin to leather contact on my booty which I was baffled about why this was. My butt had managed to rip my leggings right down the crack.  I was on Facebook asking important questions.

How do I get up and get downstairs?

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

What is the least painful way to die?

Was the seat disinfected?

Anyway! Since then I have been firmly out of love with that gym! A new branch was the heavens taking pity on my brown baps, they had been unceremoniously shoved out in to the world.

We shared this pain.
I did 30 Mins on the Elliptical machine, and some lower leg exercieses this morbing and finishing with a bang (not literally) tonight with our lady friend Jillian Michaels. I’m exhausted!!


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