3 Favourite Health Apps for your Fitness Lifestyle

I was just tidying up my phone after sacrificing pictures of babies, the U2 album, Videos of cats jumping from buildings that have been saved by my group chat and I noticed that there are some apps I will never delete or that I use daily.

So in no particular order (okay my favourite is first)


Bodyspace – Social Fitness App (by Bodybuilding.com)


Available on Android and Itunes (Free)

Main Features 

  • Create and log in with a personal profile
  • Chosen from tons of BodySpace programs created by professionals, eg. Jamie Eason or Jim Stoppani or from programs created by members
  • Can help set goals based on experience, gender, duration, number of workouts per week.
  • Reminder system
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Shop bodybuilding.com for supplements
  • Add friends and followers
  • Chat

This app is my everything (when I’m not committing to being a chubbylumpkins), specifically when I’m following a programme. It syncs up your workouts to your bodyspace calendar, so as soon as you open the app you can click on the day you’re on and get on it!

My favourite feature is the fitness tracker, looking at how you’ve progressed, I mainly use this for seeing how much stronger (or weaker)I have gotten and working out my 1 rep max etc.

My least favourite feature is the poor reminder system for rest periods if you forget to press the screen your phone will lock so whilst you’re dying wishing the Kraken will release so the burning will ease, you think you’ve rested for 45 seconds but it has really been 6 hours.

It can also be a bit buggy when you have no reception as it will log you out and that can be extremely frustrating if you’re mid-workout. Overall fantastic though.

If you have any kind of lifting in your programme (which everyone should LOL) then this is my most recommended app.

5k Runner by Fitness 22


Available on Android and Itunes (Free for 8 runs or £2.29)


So I have no like, want, desire, respect for cardio… I would like to say need however my booty and talking tummy would disagree so alas I need to add cardio to my training. I have a health assessment every so often (meant to be every 3 months) and my Vo2 max is also really poor- Vo2 is the maximum volume of oxygen consumption your body can take, in short, when I’m running… I might just decide… You know what? I’ll catch the next train instead as I Darth Vader all over the floor.

One of the ways to improve this is to run. Le Horror. So I searched for a couch to 5k app that would suit someone who is as unfit as me and this was the best.

Main Features 

  • Gets you on a programme to run 5k in 8 weeks
  • Interval training
  • Outdoor or treadmill
  • Progressively challenging
  • Can control your own music via app or headphones
  • Very user-friendly
  • Earn achievements and badges
  • Integrated with Apple health
  • Human voice coach that tells you when to run and walk

My favourite feature of the app is the breakdown of the runs and walks in a way that looks less daunting. See below.

I didn’t like the fact the app doesn’t make it clear you have to pay to get the full version. I was prepared for my next run and all of a sudden I had to download another version that was paid for. The motivational voice can be a tad annoying as well! Lol

Though there are many apps that offer similar (some of which I’ve tried) this is one of the best for what it offers.

Interval Timer by Appxy (I think)


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves high intensity intervals combined with low or medium intensity intervals. I found this app when I was trying doing a 90 day bodycoach plan and spin sessions. It was a lifesaver, I had previously been trying to use my stopclock on my phone which was annoying especially mid-workout.

Main Features

  • Customizable sets, high/low intensity interval and rest for your own need
  •  Retina display, iOS4 and multitasking
  •   Continue to run even when screen is locked
  • Play your song or playlist during your workout
  •  Post your workout to Facebook or Twitter
  •  Save settings as templates
  • Customizable Features

I am not a fan of the ads! Eugh.. annoyance and irritation. It is also pretty basic but does what is needed.

Special Mention or the Miss Congeniality of the Apps.

NHS Stop Smoking App 

I’ve been 3 years smoke free ! Woohoo!

Have you got any apps that you can recommend for the cardio challenged?



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