Day 20: End of Level 2

I’m so happy, I’ve finally completed level 2- with all my previous false-starts I’ve never even got to level 2. I’ll update with pics and progress tomorrow, but to be honest, I don’t feel it has done anything but I feel good that I’ve stuck to it. Plus all this water and jumping up and down is giving me glorifying my melanin at the mo.

On a less positive note, I had my GP’s appointment to ask them ‘why the hell am I not BeyoncĂ©?’ I genuinely feel that health services are fucking useless when it comes to support. They gave me basic advice that I already know, it was my first time seeing her I told her I tried that, then the doctor was like… Do you want a gastric band?! What. The. Fuck. In what lazy ass, pansy, cop-out aesthetic focused world are we living in? My derision isn’t about the people that take that option but it’s about the lack of care that she showed.

I was clearly frustrated and I wanted to determine what was wrong. How are doctors teaching about a healthy lifestyle if the first option is a bandaid rather than a cure. I’ll stick to managing and bro-sciencing myself. 
Rant over.

I haven’t checked out the last level yet… I have no idea what it will be like.. If burpees are involved, I’m not in it, I’ll tell you that for free! My boobs aren’t made for burpees.

I used to have quite a strong core but it got significantly weaker, level 2 was great for strengthening…I admit I struggled with the squat thrusts. The mixture of the floor cardio and high-knees etc left me sweating after each session. 10 more days!!!

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