Bali. Day 1 and a half: Conquering Fears

After all my excitement for the year, a day of travel and panic over non-bikini body. I’m here! Back in Bali. 

Getting greeted by bae at the airport

Tips wise for first times in Bali.

  • Don’t change money at the airport or at home, it’s better to change at money exchange when you get to Bali (a legit place).
  • If there’s more than a couple of you, you can get cheap SIM cards with data (although there is a lot of wifi spots in busy areas)
  • Use uber if you can, the taxis can tend to overcharge.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops.

For our first full day, I booked us a tour to do a half-day of water sports and activities. When I go away I try to do one thing out of my comfort zone, I have a fear of heights and I can’t swim so obviously I decided to try parasailing… Over the sea… With little to No instruction… And a hope, a prayer and a clenched butt. I did it though!! I was so anxious and shakey but it was important to try, once I did it I wanted to go again… It was 1 mins of silence, beautiful sky and a feeling of floating above everyone. I read that a way to try an manage panic attacks is to embrace that anxiety and to tell yourself that it’s your body getting excited by what is about to happen… So off I went.

Ps. I’m sure we should question health and safety rules.

Our day consisted of snorkelling of a glass bottom boat, visiting turtle island, Jetskiing and parasailing. Followed by wiping sand off our butts and this weird Chinese tourist that wouldn’t stop trying to filming my friend and I… Methinks it may need to be added to a ‘Bali:Travelling While Black’ post. Despite that we came home sweaty, tired and accomplished all before 12pm.

We had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp co. Which I didn’t realise was a chain. I have to cringe at the shenanigans… they had an awkward thing where when you need attention you change the table sign to ‘Stop Forest Stop’
and like 5 servers come running out screaming ‘STOP FOREST STOP’ till one serves you… It’s like having a force of tiny minions rushing towards you with the excitement of a 100 candy filled children rushing towards you. 

All that’s well and good, I only had starters there because I was preparing my mouth, eyes and soul for dinner… Look at this beauty! 

Candy floss cocktail from Mamasan! 

The food was another one of the reasons why I was excited about coming back to Bali (yes, my thigh size is self-inflicted)… Mamasan in Seminyak… Seductive sex on a plate. Couldn’t fault this place for anything. 

The night ended in Bali Joes… Drag queens, boob grabbing, good vibes, suspect drinks and bad wigs. 

Somehow I ended up on stage with two drag queens attempting to kiss me and jigglycalienting my boobs with their elbows. I honestly could not cope, I scarpered pretty quickly after that… Haha I became the main attractations main attraction for the night…

 Not bad for Day 1 in Bali. 

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