Bali. Day 2: Riding, Temples and The Story of Sita

Waking up in Bali makes your soul breathe a little sigh of relief like an old rocking chair being vacated.


Today I arranged for our group to do a 2 hour ATV ride through the rice fields of Ubud. Ubud is authentic Bali, it’s cultural heart, full of art, museums, rice paddies, farms and rich greenery. The ATV ride was a fast, fun way to explore some of the areas and receive tired but genuine smiles from the locals. 

We drove through the rice fields, the intricate system doesn’t take away from the beauty as you can see. Obviously, we were riding so I only caught a few pictures one when on the group was inbetween crashing into air and flying off the ATV. 


Uluwatu Temple

We headed from there to Uluwatu Temple, I genuinely had a moment of panic when the driver informed me there were many mean monkeys there. Not monkeys, not many monkeys, not mean monkeys… Many, mean, monkeys. Deliver me please. My issue is.. We’re going in to monkey terrority.. If the little terrorists decide to kidnap me, steal my face and make me their own Mowgli… I’d STILL be in the wrong… You know why? IM IN MONKEY TERRORITY… They’ve literally carved the area as their own… They don’t have managers or health and safety guidelines to adhere to.

I digress.

Uluwatu Temple is a sea temple, and one of nine key directional temples in Bali. Sitting on a cliff, the stairs leading to the temple start to fill up with tourists looking to catch the sunset and the kecak firedance.

The view speaks for itself, the picture that I see most commonly from tourists visiting Bali.

Even if I took a thousand pictures, I wouldn’t be able to capture how scenic and breathtaking this view is… And although I am one of them, the obsession to catch the perfect angle hindered many tourists ability to just… Absorb. 

Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak is a unique Balience dance accompanied by a choir of men, it’s origin from an old ritual dance. They use dancers as their medium, the deities or ancestors convey their wishes.

The dancers depict the story of beautiful Sita (wife of Rama) who is kidnapped..

… The story develops and is portrayed passionately by the dancers to the dramatic choruses of the men.


I escaped being chased by the monkeys and ended the evening sweltering with a glass of prosecco and a full belly.

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