Bali. Day 4: Food and Humility

There are two sides I’ve seen to Bali. The opulent, rich and touristy side- perfect encapsulated in Seminyak, sleek bars, expensive restaurants, massage parlours and a lot of Australian tourists and young Europeans. Slightly boujis and peacocky. 

…and then there is the humble, warm, inviting and charming locals (some of this charm has even rubbed off on the visitors).

The guys from The Naughty Duck in Kuta listening to some beats

Today my lesson was humility. I went to get a massage and I made friends with a lovely masseuse Wikit (cue lots of selfies and Facebook adding). Her massage parlour was being moved because they couldn’t afford the rent, more Foreign owned shops and bars are being set up and the Balienese owners are being moved out.

We got to talking about holidays, cost of living etc. In short, my plane ticket cost 7 months of her pay. I am not naive. I understand that as a tourist I cannot compare living rates etc. But the conversation we had struck a chord with me, especially as I had previously been arguing over the difference of £2.15 with a cab driver.

My talks with her and her colleagues made me have a look at what I could do in Bali and I found an orphanage.

 which was set up in 2002. Some of the pics online seem a bit awkward… Visitors taking pics with pretty children for Facebook but the cause is brilliant, they take donations, clothes, food, money etc. It just feels good to push our fortune on a little bit… I hope that doesn’t sound patronising. If you’re ever on your way to Bali there’s so many minor things that are on the requested list like straighteners, shampoo, soap etc.
Ps. I have a tan. Lots of love.

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