Review. 30 Day Shred 

So, Full disclosure, this is going to be a pretty dire review, not as a reflection of The 30 Day Shred but because of a) slutdropping myself in to injury and b) I completed the shred whilst on holiday..terrible, terrible idea!

No matter what you can’t run out a bad diet… 6 cocktails and being 2 desserts Cass. So working out for 30 minutes didn’t do much to curtail the damage.

I ain’t sorry.


(Im lying… I am)

So in short my numbers are off, I put on sooo much weight on holiday, like 10lbs of Jiggly badness. HOWEVER, I finished! For the first time since I discovered the programme 5 years, started it and lost interest (at least 6 times).

So my thoughts.

I wouldn’t say that it is a workout that fits every need. There are workouts that have greater fat-burning potential than 30 day Shred  such as the fitness blender HIIT workout

However, for beginners or workouts that are modified to different levels, 30 Day Shred is a great option. The 10 days for each level is great for not getting bored and to stress your body in different ways. The breakdown of the workouts cardio, strength and abs is simple and after 2 workouts you know what is coming so I put it low so I can distract myself with my own music or Netflix in the background.

Even though it feels like a killer, I just don’t feel like it pushes you as much as you would push yourself on a machine, with home workouts it is easier to not go as hard. I could see this when I compared my heart rate to when I was using the elliptical machine in the gym so for fat loss I wouldn’t sacrifice weightlifting and a good bit of HIIT but I have a fair amount of jiggle I want to shift.


For strength, ‘Toning’ (I don’t actually like that term but okay) and something to give you a kick up the butt for beginners.. then I would start with The 30 Day Shred.

I will be doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer next…I will keep you all updated. Does anyone have any other recommendations for programmes?

3 thoughts on “Review. 30 Day Shred 

  1. I love the fitness blender workouts, especially the hiit for bored people! Jillian’s Boost Metabolism one is my nemesis, can’t get past the 6th set without needing resuscitation x

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