Bali. Day 6: The Crew 

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends,

And say my glory was I had such friends.”—William Butler Yeats, 

Bali is great for a romantic holiday. Stunning views, sunrises and sunsets BUT it is also great for a group holiday. 

The connection that I felt to my friends grew immensely from the group holiday, I mean hearing someone on the toilet and having your womanhood fail you into lady time syncing up is definitely a true bonding experience.

I regret not travelling with friends sooner, getting to explore the world.

I felt especially close to the guys today because we got blocked in by the rain… Like awful, heavy rain, but there was still something nice about it. It stayed warm.. Just wet. Haha… Tres Suggestive! We had adventurous snacks seaweed flavoured crisps, Burger King delivered, spares of playing ‘I have never’ I always lose-clearly a wanton.

Simple but one of my best days there.

Terima Kasih


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