Bali. Day 7: Dolphins and Waterfalls

How humble I feel.

We woke up in the morning, too early in the morning. To take an hours drive to Lovina bay to catch dolphins waking up, being naughty and frolicking.

It was the most serene feeling travelling in the boat feeling the Sunrise on our backs and the beating of the water.

I didn’t know what to expect with the trip, I mean it’s a lot to expect that every morning Dolphins will arrive and we would get to see them. Wrong! (Although the guy driving our boat did say he had never seen as many as when we went. I have almost 86 pics and videos so i won’t add them all but they truly do not justify the beauty, charmingness (we’ll make it a word) and surrealness of seeing the pod moving and flipping together.

After about an hour or so of dolphin watching, it was time to admit defeat – we couldn’t keep up with their playtime so we headed to a small place to have an abysmal breakfast followed by the amazing Banjar hot springs. It was crazy… Maybe because   I’m from London and we have dodgy bodies of water everywhere I was scoffing at the thought of laying my chocolatey goodness in yellowy soupy water. I don’t do unnecessary adventure. HOWEVER, I went in and it was lovely, naturally warm and the sulfur gives it the colour. I tried not to think of it too much because there was some suspect gooiness on the walls.

Ran the gauntlet past the sellers that were bringing out children, limbless, the elderly so we can buy flowers from them and took a death walk to the waterfall. It was beautiful but the water was beating down. I wouldn’t go in I’m not Lara Croft.

I got in to my head a bit… It was so treacherous going down, I prepared my speech about going up. “You go on without me guys… I’ll just slow you down… It’ll take me hours… I’m not fit… Just leave me”. Anyway it felt like nothing coming up… I’m so dramatical! 😂.
We finished our tour up with some drinks at the twin lakes. It was stunning and so random.. You just look over the side of a road and there are these beautiful twin-lakes… It was a nice way to wrap up our last day as a group with our driver and tour guide who were amazing and felt like one of our crew.

All this and we were back in our rooms by 12pm! We ended up napping and going out for dinner at an amazing Italian place where we spent 30 mins blushing at the owner.

Peace out and love.

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