Week 2 of Jamie Easons 12-week LiveFit Trainer

Hey all!! Just got back from Brussels.. You guessed it … Chocolate and triple-fried chips. I was focused this week and lost 2.7lbs this week which was great… HOWEVER haven’t weighed myself since my weekend away so that will have an impact. I did a lot of walking daily but as I’ve said before can’t outrun your mouth… I’ve never said that before but it sounds good. 

Other than holiday food I’ve stuck to calorie goals but I’ve struggled with sleep because of external stress and I haven’t been able to meet 10000 steps during the work week that often. I have to think of creative things during the day that will make me walk and not squeeze my tits off. 

This week has been great but I’ve had less pain and less weight loss which is expected, my body is getting used to lifting and a large majority of the first weeks weight-loss was holiday weight. 

I said I’d add some pics. Just to note I feel just as awkward as I look taking the pics and it’s okay I look like a refereeing Oompa Loompa. It’s okay.

Week 1 Reprecap

Bodyspace and Fitbit 

do an awesome review of your week, it gets sent every Tuesday so I’ll probably add my previous weeks review on the current post to have an update on how things are going.

Pretty solid. Hope we have good results this week !

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