Back with Bad Language and Hoe Hoops

So, quick post!

Dudes! I haven’t posted in so long! It has been over a year! Eugh! I’m back es necessario (Note. I shall note be using other languages in the right way but the intention is sincere. SOmetimes English doesn’t have the passion to express my thoughts). I am especially enthusiastic today so this post is going to riddled with bad language, bad punctuation and bad jokes.


So before we jump in, lets recap what previously happened in the last episode of the life grind (okay a year of grid) I literally heard a voice doing “Previously on 24” summary of my year away. Vampire Diaries ended and it was atrocious. I went through a break-up. Got fatter. Moved out. Travelled. Got more fatter (yes I said more fatter). Sucked at Overwatch. Got groped on a train by a drunk woman. etc. The life grind.

Anyway- the only thing I regret was stifling my thoughts and expression by not writing. Its cathartic to me. I read somewhere that writing is thinking on paper (or online because we share EVERYTHING!)


During my downtime I learnt that most of the pain that we feel when it comes to relationships (whether they be romantic, friendships or family) is due to the expectation that we have of other people. Listen, you have to understand, hell is other people. People are dicks. Even good people are dicks. So I cleared toxicity from my life and inhaled positivity, unicorn breath, glitter and coconut oil and reflection.

Excuse my language – but as the drunk in the bar said


See, there are three kinds of people: dicks, pussies and assholes. Pussies think everyone can get along and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your assholes. And all the assholes want is to shit all over everything. So pussies may get mad at dicks once in a while because, pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes! And if they didn’t fuck the assholes, you know what you’d get? You’d get your dick and your pussy all covered in shit!“―Drunk in Bar, Team America

(Side note. The fact I am applying Team America quotes as a tool for life thoughts is both concerning and necessary).

So I set my goals for the year in an attempt to go back to black and being accountable for my goals, the ways I want to achieve them and my mental well-being. Hopefully the next steps wills be me documenting my journey, avoiding getting fatter. Back to posting, humiliating myself and others and using punctuation incorrectly.


PS. I write more appropriately for a gaming site at the moment. So I shall be sharing some games I’ve found and failed at in my trials. (Site is under construction).

Let me know how your blogging journeys are going and some good blogs to read about life in general!

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